Shell & Will

I'm Will. I'm a photographer and painter. As a young student, my favorite thing to do in class was sketching odd figures on the pages of my textbooks. That's what made me realize that I should go to art school. Years later, I was presenting my paintings at the graduate thesis show for my Master’s degree. My mom, a psychology professor, saw my paintings. She said I should see a psychologist. From that day on, I knew that I had a different vision.


My husband and I voluntarily shot an American friends’ wedding during our postgraduate study. Since that day, I fell in love with wedding photography. After shooting hundreds of weddings over the past four years, I still feel passionate about my job. Hiding behind my camera, I am moved to laughter and tears as I capture the joy and beauty of humanity. The job that is most life-giving to me is that which helps me feel connected to this world, and this is true of photography. I am Shell— a photographer, post-photography editor, wife, and cat lover.


Copper, space manager. Born in Boston May 2014. Father was the Champion of Ragdoll Beauty Contest. He likes chicken breast and salmon. Specialized in hitting plastic springs (meeting by appointment only).



When we first met in college, we were very young. Although we were classmates, we barely talked for the first three years. But we later learned that we like the same type of movies, the indie, artistic films that can easily put you to sleep. We began to watch them one after another together. On June 1st of 2007, (which is International Children’s Day) we bought ourselves a kids’ meal at KFC. That was our first official date.

That's the beginning of our story. The past ten years have been its continuation. Obviously, we don’t have an overly exciting story to tell. The days that follow a beginning are just... life. We came all the way to the United States from China to study, to continue our fine art projects, and to see the world. After finishing our Master’s degrees, we moved from Albany to New York before eventually settling in New Jersey. Everyday, we work, travel, shopping, cook, and fight with each other. Nothing too dramatic. But we believe that’s exactly what real life looks like.

When we decided to become wedding photographers, we quite naturally realized that documentary is our language. It's not a style, but rather a way of looking, feeling, and shooting while showing genuine care and attention to people's real life situations. We believe a good wedding photographer doesn’t just know about how beautiful you are, how to find good angles, dramatic color, and creating complicated compositions. But rather, the best wedding photographer will care about the brilliant details and intricacies that make up you and your day: your smiles, your tears, the movement of your figure, the little cues that tell of your true relationships with others, your setting, and most of all, your soulmate.

A good photo tells a story.

Will and Shell are the quiet force of talent that make up Resonance Vision - a word they chose to describe the fusion between their own artistic language and a couples' uniqueness. These two photographers have art built into their spirit, as demonstrated through their seemingly effortless craftsmanship and innovation. Resonance Vision adds just the right amount of creativity to your wedding, leaving the honest emotion to speak for itself while also infusing artistic, editorial-inspired shots. Their photography is defined by their choice to stray from what is trendy or popular in the industry, and to stay true to the classic, timeless imagery focused on vivid color, interesting compositions, and personal touches. Will and Shell capture your day with heart, originality, and a fresh perspective. Based in New Jersey but available throughout the Northeast and beyond.

ISPWP Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the World - 2017

47th Place of the Year

11th Place of the Quarter

1th Place in  The Wedding Dress

Top 25 Wedding Photographers among 2550 Candidates in New York City

The Knot Best of Weddings 2018

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