Meet Will & Shell

Hey, I'm Will, a photographer and painter. Back in school, my textbooks were filled with weird doodles, a clear sign I belonged in art school. Fast forward to my Master's thesis show, where even my psychology professor mom noticed something unique in my paintings. That's when it hit me – I've got a 'different vision' in my art.

Hello, I'm Shell. A mother, wife, and animal lover. My husband and I spontaneously photographed an friend's wedding during our postgraduate studies, and since that day, I've been captivated by wedding photography. Over the past 10 years, I've had the privilege of capturing moments at hundreds of weddings, and my passion for this profession still burns brightly. Behind my camera lens, I'm often moved to both laughter and tears, witnessing and preserving the joy and beauty of human connections. Photography, for me, is more than a profession; it's a way to feel deeply connected to the world and its stories.

Hey, I'm Copper! I was born in a big city called Boston in May 2014. My dad was super cool (I mean I biological dad). He was a champion in the Ragdoll Beauty Contest. I'm all about chicken breast, and boy, do I know how to make those plastic springs dance! But my life isn't all fun and games. I'm space manager of Will and Shell's home office. But it's tricky 'cause my humans keep saying they're staying, but then they always move! Some people says we are dog-cat, but really, I'm just a cat-cat. Moving to new places? Oh boy, it takes me lots of days to make sure everything's purr-fectly in place.

What’s up. My name is Muer, I’m labradoodle, yes, a dog-dog. Ground beef is my favorite, raw please. Will always blend my meat with spinach. He said it’s good for my stomach, blah blah. He just want to save money. Will and Shell hired me as their doorman since I was 3 months. But they didn’t post my profile on their website until I was four! You do the math! I know sometimes I barked too loud at the door bell (you should see Will’s face), but that doesn't seem a good enough reason to me.


When we first met in college, we were quite young. Despite being classmates, we hardly spoke for the initial three years. It wasn't until later that we discovered our shared interest in indie, artistic films—those that could easily lull you to sleep. Together, we began watching them one after another. On June 1st, 2007 (International Children’s Day), we treated ourselves to a kids’ meal at KFC. That marked our first official date.


And so began our story. The past ten years have been a seamless continuation of it. Our journey might not boast excitement, but rather, it's been simply life unfolding. Leaving China to study in the United States, pursuing our fine art projects, and embracing the world—those were our ambitions. Upon completing our Master’s degrees, we transitioned from Albany to New York before eventually settling in New Jersey. Each day, we work, travel, shop, cook, and yes, occasionally argue. Nothing overly dramatic, but we reckon that's precisely how real life looks.


When we decided to venture into wedding photography, it dawned on us that documentary is our language. It's not merely a style but a lens through which we perceive, feel, and capture moments, showcasing genuine care for couples' real-life situations. We believe a great wedding photographer doesn’t just understand your beauty, angles, colors, or intricate compositions. Instead, the best ones cherish the subtle details that define you and your day: your laughter, tears, movement, gestures that reflect true relationships, your surroundings, and above all, your partner.


A good photo tells a story.